Monstera Deliciosa, Siltepecana and Adansonii hand drawn artwork framed and hanging side by side

Luxe Foliage x Boy Botanical

The Luxe Foliage x Boy Botanical Print Series

A few months back I was contacted by the amazing @BoyBotanical, he mentioned that he wanted to create a range of plant-inspired artworks that not only showed off some beautiful plants but also a range that was modern and would be a stylish addition to any home/office and so we got to work.

We started by creating a Pinterest board. Hunting for plants, colour palettes and styles to inspire our collection and align our ideas. We settled on earthy tones which we knew would suit any interior style and compliment it with gorgeous and intricate plant line art.

plant inspired artworks

But which plant genus to choose.................... easy decision. 

The Monstera genus is undeniably the most instantly recognisable and loved plant species of all. With so many varieties of Monstera to choose we had our work cut out for us narrowing down so many options.

We quickly settled on the Deliciosa, Siltepecana and the Adansonii. Each is so unique and so intricate and let's face it, who doesn't love these three?

They became our muse, the perfect trio.

So now the fun begins.......setting out how each plant would sit, if it would it be a whole plant or should it be just a few leaves? It was a back and forth process until each plant sat nicely and in harmony with the other two designs.

With each leaf being so unique we went simple. Delicate black line art to bring each Monstera to life. We chose to keep it simple so that it would suit any interior but more so to show just how diverse this species is. Sitting side by side simply lined in black look how different these three plants of the same family are. Nature really is amazing.

Now for the colour! We knew we wanted to add colour to these pieces but we wanted it to be in a way where you could hang all three as a trio or just one on its own. This is where the flowing background came in. It was a balance of adding whilst not so much so that it overtook our hero plants. The flowing background weaves its way through each design just like a plant would growing amongst a thick forest canopy. It was the perfect way to add the pop we wanted to these pieces individually and collectively.


Each artwork took on average the better part of 5 hours to complete and over collectively over 12,500 thousand individual pen strokes to bring to life. 

The 3 artworks were drawn using my iPad Pro and an app called Procreate, if you haven't go it already I highly recommend it. 

Feel free to comment any drawing/iPad/procreate questions below.

And here they are...........

Monstera adansonii. deliciosa and siltepecana artworks by Luxe Foliage

Each artwork will be professionally printed on 220 gsm beautifully lightly textured paper and come with a 5mm border ready to be framed up.

I hope you love the Monstera series by Luxe Foliage x Boy Botanical, may these artworks bring even more planty joy into your home.

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