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Planty Phone Grip

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Planty Phone Grip

Level up your phone game with these Plant Phone Grips.
Available in all of your favourite Houseplant, simply stick the phone grip directly to your phone or case & hold your phone comfortably with your favourite Aroid.

- Phone grips photographed for scale on standard size iPhone X


Monstera Albo - 55mm H x 45mm W
Monstera Aurea - 55mm H x 45mm W
Verrucosum - 55mm H x 47mm W
Pastazanum - 53mm H x 46mm W
Veitchii - 98mm H x 43mm W
Caladium - 54mm H x 44mm W
Clarinervium - 55mm H x 43mm W
Radicans - 64mm H x 54mm W